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Customer Service & Help Lines Open Mon-Fri 9am-6pm, Closed Saturday & Sunday

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What Type of EasyGap Additional Cover would you like a quote for?

Easy Gap Insurance

Protect yourself from the financial effects of depreciation

Easy Tyre Insurance

Protect yourself from financial effects of tyre damage

Easy Excess Insurance

Protect yourself from the cost of your motor excess

Easy Tyre & Alloy Insurance

Protect yourself from the cost of repairing tyres / wheels

Easy Smartcare Insurance

Protect yourself from minor bodywork and interior damage


Please click for the desired quotation above.


The system will then run through a number of qualifying questions to ensure that you are eligible for the policy before showing you the appropriate quotation. 


As we know you will already know, at EasyGap we pride ourselves in being forward-thinking and are constantly looking for ways to improve not only our levels of service but also the way in which we can offer to protect our customers. 


This means that we are proud to be able to offer additional policies, such as:

  • Tyre Insurance
  • Motor Excess Insurance 
  • Tyre and Alloy Wheel Insurance
  • SMARTCare Cosmetic Insurance


We have tried where ever possible to make these policies as easy to understand and as simple to use as possible.


That said unlike our gap insurance policies you may find that you can make more than one claim but that there will be an excess to pay each and every time you make a claim.


Just like our gap insurance policies we price check to make sure that our policies are not only what we consider to be the most all inclusive in the market at the moment but that they are also competitively priced. This means that even if you are comparing a policy which has more exclusions or perhaps is more limited in terms of the amount of claims you can make our total loss policies should still be as one policy holder called it "fantastic value for money".


If you would like to talk about an additional policy or if you have any questions, why not call 0151 647 7556 or free phone 0800 195 4926 and speak to a member of the team and see just what we could do to help protect you.