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Acasta European Insurance Company Limited?

Who are Acasta European Insurance Company Limited

Acasta European Insurance Company Limited is the underwriter of any policy purchased from Easy Gap Insurance from Feb 2020 until the 7th of February 2024. While they still continue to underwrite our tyre, alloy, scratch and dent and smart Care, they do not underwrite any Gap Insurance policy purchased from us.

Are Acasta Regulated by the FCA?

Yes they are regulated by the FCA. Their official Title is Acasta European Insurance Company Limited and their FCA number is 456936.

So do Acasta Underwrite my Easy Gap Policy?

Acasta underwrote all Gap Insurance policies purchased from us until the 7th of February 2024. Since then, Financial & Legal Insurance Company Limited has been the underwriter behind your Easy Gap Policy.

Spectrum Insurance Services Ltd?

Who are Spectrum Insurance Service?

Spectrum are a specialized claims team who are nominated by Acasta to make sure that any claim you make is dealt with in accordance with your policy terms and conditions.

Where are Spectrum based?

Spectrum are based in Sheffield.

What is Spectrum's telephone number?

Spectrum's telephone number is 01143219877.

Can I email Spectrum?

Yes you can their email address is [email protected]

Aequitas Automotive Limited?

Who are Aequitas Automotive Limited?

We are the insurance broker who provides your policy.

Are Aequitas Automotive Regulated?

Yes we are directly authorised by the FCA and our FRN is 821163

Where are Aequitas based?

We are based in a beautiful grade 1 listed Georgian building. Aequitas House, 56 Hamilton Square, Birkenhead, Wirral CH41 5AS.

What is Aequitas's telephone number?

You can call us on either our freephone number 0800 195 4926 or our landline number 0151 647 7556.

How long have Aequitas been trading?

We have been around since 2010 and this year is our 10th anniversary. ( current as of 2020 )

Do you pay your staff commission?

No none of our staff are paid commission when they provide a policy for you.

How do you pay your staff?

All of our staff are salaried and any bonuses they get are based on rates of customer service.

Are you member of BIBA?

Yes we are proud to be member of BIBA and our BIBA number is 006652.

Are you regulated by the ICO?

Yes we are regulated by the ICO and our number is Z2455374 you can verify this by calling them on 0303 123 1113

Are you registered with Companies House?

Yes we are and our company number is 7347606.

Return to Invoice Gap Insurance?

What is Return to Invoice Gap Insurance?

Return to invoice gap insurance is a policy that will pay the difference between your own insurance companies market value settlement of your vehicle on the day it was written off and the original amount that you paid for your vehicle or the amount outstanding on finance - Which ever is the higher.

What is your price lower than others?

We use differences in taxation, our buying power and the fact that no-one is commission based to make sure that our prices are some of if not the most inexpensive in the market. No hidden get out clauses or magic wands just real value for money.

What is IPT?

IPT is a taxation which is charged on all gap insurance. It full name is Insurance Premium Tax. Don't worry all the prices we show on our system are inclusive of IPT so there is nothing more to pay.

Will you cover all named drivers?

Yes all long as your own insurance company declare it a valid claim then you policy will still perform as normal.

Do you cover Drink Driving?

No sorry we don't and we would recommend that you check your own motor insurance as we would be doubtful that they would either.

Do you cover my Motor Insurance Excess?

Yes we would cover up to £250 of your own motor insurance companies excess in the event that you needed to make a gap insurance claim.

Do you cover Motor Trade policies?

No sorry we don't. You must have fully comprehensive insurance that covers you back to the market value of your vehicle.

Do you pay for a hire car?

No sorry we will not pay any additional costs associated with you not having your vehicle.

Do you cover Negative Equity from my old car?

No sorry we do not cover any negative equity which you have bought forward from your old vehicle.

Do you cover me outside the UK?

Yes you are covered in Great Britain and Northern Ireland as well as any other European Community Member country for a maximum of 90 days in any 12 month period.

Who do I call when i need to make a claim?

Please call the claims team om 0114 321 9877. For more information please look at the how to make a claim page.

Do you cover maintenance charges?

No if you have a contract hire / lease hire vehicle then we will not cover maintenance elements of your payment as in most cases you should be able to cancel these with no penalties. ( please check with your lease company )

Do you cover track day?

No sorry we can not cover vehicles used for track days, pace making or competitions.

Do you cover Taxis?

Yes as long as you have clicked to say that you will be using your vehicle as a taxi then yes we can cover you. ( your policy will show as a Taxi return to invoice policy )

How long do i have to buy my policy?

To qualify for a Gap Insurance policy you must have purchased your vehicle within the last 180 days. For Tyre, Alloy or Smart Care policies you must have purchased your vehicle within the last 30 days.

Can I transfer my policy?

Yes you can transfer your policy to your next eligible vehicle providing that your new vehicle is within the same price banding. This will cost £35.00 which is payable when you transfer. Please remember that we have other options so why not call and speak to a member of the team on 0800 195 4926.

Is there an Excess to pay when I make a claim?

No if you are making a gap insurance claim then there is no excess to pay. If you are making a tyre, alloy or smart claim then there is a £10.00 excess to pay each and every time you make a claim.

Do you cover third party insurance?

No you must have fully comprehensive insurance which pays the market value of your vehicle in the event of a total loss.

Contract Hire Gap Insurance

Do I need contract hire gap insurance?

There is no legal requirement to have gap insurance but naturally as you would expect we think it is a good idea. Without any cover if your vehicle is written off you could be left paying for a vehicle that you no longer have.

What does contract hire gap insurance cover me for

We pay the difference between your own motor insurance companies market value settlement and the amount outstanding on your contract hire / lease.

Do you cover the outstanding rentals?

Yes but please remember that any late payment charges or arrears will be deducted from any settlement.

How could I be left paying for the vehicle?

Your own motor insurance company are only ever obliged to give you the value of your vehicle on the day it was written off. Please remember that contract hire and lease companies base your monthly rentals on what they think that your vehicle will be worth at the end of your lease. If they get this wrong and the vehicle is not worth what they thought and you can give them the vehicle back at the end, then this is their problem. If however your vehicle is written off then this difference between market values is your problem. This means that you could be left paying not only differences in market value but also outstanding rentals.

What is this difference or shortfall called?

Each lease company will have different terms and conditions. To compound the issue they will also call the difference by many different names. Forward rentals, back payments, differences in market value as well as early termination to name but a few. To make it easier not only for you but for us as well, from your perspective it does not matter. What ever they call the difference in the middle between your insurance companies market value settlement and the amount outstanding on your lease then we will cover it. ( please see notes on maintenance and late payments - for a full list of terms and conditions please see your policy documents )


What if I am not happy about my policy?

If you are not happy with any aspect of your policy please contact us on 0800 195 4926 or 0151 647 7556 or email [email protected].

What happens to my complaint?

We will acknowledge your complaint. We will then investigate and get back to you. For a full break down of our complaints procedure please click our 'Complaints Procedure' link. It is on the bottom of the website under the section marked "LEGAL & REGULATORY"

EasyGap Insurance Jargon Buster


IPT is short for insurance premium tax and is a taxation payable on insurance.


The FCA are the Financial Conduct Authority and they govern, regulate and monitor the sale and promotion of financial services in the UK.


The FSCS are better known as Financial Services Compensation Scheme. This is an independent self funding body that all companies who provide and promote financial services in the UK pay into. They are there so that if the company you have a financial product with are not able to meet their obligations they can step in. For a full list of compensation limits please see the FSCS website. The address is

Financial Ombudsman?

This is a separate body that mediate between the customer of a financial product and the companies who provided it.

Insurance Broker?

This is normally the company that you have purchased your policy or financial service from.

Claims Team?

This is the company who the insurance underwriters have nominated to make sure that all claims are handled as per the terms and conditions of your policy.


A form of hire purchase normally offered as an alternative to Hire purchase.

Give indemnity?

This means as far as our policies are concerned that your insurance company must agree that your claim is valid.

Early Settlement?

The amount that you need to settle your finance agreement on the day that your vehicle was written off.

Negative Equity

With respect to our gap insurance policies this means any amount that you have brought forward from an old finance agreement to the purchase of your new vehicle.

Total Loss?

The event that happened for your vehicle to be declared written off.

Invoice Price?

The is the cash on the road price of your vehicle after any discount but before you given a penny in part exchange or cash deposit.

Factory Options?

These are optional extras that were fitted to your vehicle when it was first built at the factory.

Dealer Fitted Options?

These are extras that you have paid your local garage to fit on your vehicle. ( please see your policy documents for a list of exclusions - eg extended warranty. )

Claim Limit

This is maximum amount that your gap insurance will pay on top of your own motor insurance companies market value settlement.

Policy Premium?

The amount that you paid for your policy

Policy Schedule?

This is document that shows your personal details and information about your cover.

Start Date?

This is the date that you have told us that you want your policy to start on.

End Date

In the case of gap insurance this is either the date that you have made a claim or the date at which your policy expires. In the case of tyre, smart, alloy this is either the date that you have made the maximum number of claims or the expiry date shown on your schedule.

Territorial Limits?

This is the geographic area that you are covered to use your vehicle in.


How many smart care claims can I make?

You can make 5 smart care claims per year. Please remember that this is to a maximum of 4 alloy wheel claims. e.g 3 scratch and dent & 2 alloy, 4 alloy and 1 scratch and dent. 5 alloy wheel claims would not be allowed.

How many alloy wheel claims can I make?

No matter if you have an alloy wheel policy or a smart care policy the maximum number of claims you can make is 4 per year.

How many tyre insurance claims can I make?

You can make up to 4 tyre insurance claims per year.

What area of damage do you cover?

If you are buying a scratch and dent policy we can cover damage up to 15cm in length and 3mm in depth. If you are buying a smart care policy this increases to damage up to 30cm in length and 3mm in depth.

How much do you pay towards a puncture?

We will pay up to £50 to cover the cost of a puncture.

Do you cover the whole cost of the new tyre?

We will cover up to the maximum claim limit you have chosen. E.g £150 or £350. Please remember that run flat tyres are automatically set to £350 maximum per claim.

When does my cover start?

If you are buying gap insurance the cover starts straight away. If you are buying tyre, combined tyre, smart care or scratch and dent there is a 30 day waiting period during which time we will not cover the cost of any claim.

Can I change the ownership of my vehicle?

It will depend on the type of policy you have purchased. Please call 08001954926 or 01516477556. lines are open Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm, Saturdays and bank holidays 10am - 2pm.

Can I add my private plate?

Yes, this can be done during the purchase of your policy by inputting both your registration numbers (the original and private plate) in the respective section separated by a forward slash. Eg: Plate 1 / Plate 2 or you can contact any member of the team on 0800 195 4926/0151 647 7556 in order to add your plate to your policy.

Is there a charge to change my address?

No. For our policies, changes to your contact details can be processed free of charge. Please contact any member of the team on our contact numbers 0151 647 7556/0800 195 4926 in order to update your details if necessary.

My policy does not show on my online account

For security, if you have created your account after you have purchased your policy then the policy will not automatically assign to your account. If you cannot view your policy, please contact an advisor on 0800 195 4926 or 0151 647 7556 and any member of the team can sort this for you.