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Motorbike and Scooter Gap Insurance from EasyGAP



Motorbikes and scooters can be seen in large numbers on the roads of the UK. Indeed, around 1.25 million of them travel the highways yearly. Like nearly every form of transport, motorbikes and scooters need a significant investment to buy. Over time, and again, like most modes of transportation, they will lose value. The consideration for GAP Insurance is just as necessary for motorbikes as for cars. It could be even more critical because stealing a motorbike may be easier (have you ever tried lifting a car onto a trailer?).


According to the Police Association, the number of motorcyclists involved in road accidents is around 20,000 annually.


So, what happens when you Google Gap insurance?


A quick internet search for GAP Insurance will then find any number of brokers who will cover cars. The same cannot be said for motorbikes and scooters. Arguably, underwriting for GAP cover on motorbikes is riskier than for cars. This may be the reason for the scarcity of options. The great news is that EasyGAP can cover both motorbikes and scooters. The premiums are very reasonable, too!


What Motorbike GAP Insurance from EasyGap can do


The product we offer for Motorbikes and Scooters is the same cover we provide for cars. It is a Combined Return to Invoice GAP. This can cover you, in the event of a total loss, between the motor insurer settlement and the higher of:


  • the outstanding finance settlement
  • the original invoice price you paid for the motorbike or scooter



Let's illustrate how motorbike gap insurance works.


Cover can work by way of an example. 

  • Mr. Brown bought a Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade for £15769 in 2020. 
  • He takes the bike on a PCP finance agreement over 36 months.
  • In 2022, the bike was stolen. 
  • Mr Brown is offered the 'market value' for the bike at that time of £9250 by his insurer. 
  • He still owes £9950 in the finance agreement.


Motorbike GAP Insurance covers the difference between the £9250 paid by his insurer and the price Mr Brown originally paid.


  • Mr Brown is paid £9250 from his comprehensive bike insurance.
  • He is then paid 6519 from his EasyGap Motorbike insurance
  • The outstanding finance of £9950 is cleared
  • The balance of £5819 is sent to Mr Brown to spend as he wants. 


Critical Requirements for Motorbike GAP Insurance


A few factors must be met for your cover to be valid. These include:


  • You must have bought your motorbike or scooter from a VAT-registered dealer within the last 180 days (or have yet to collect it).
  • The vehicle must be listed in the Glass Guide.
  • The motorbike and main motor insurance must be in your name.
  • You must have fully comprehensive motor insurance in place. The insurance must cover you back to the market replacement value of the vehicle. We cannot cover vehicles insured under a motor trade policy.
  • Your motor insurer must cover any incident you claim for and pay out the market value. You can only claim on your motorbike gap insurance policy if the motor insurer pays out.


Can I get Gap Insurance for a Motorbike?


Yes, we can offer motorbike gap insurance, depending on eligibility. Click for a quote; our system will ask for details about you and your bike.


How much does Motorbike Gap Insurance cost?


Prices start from under £100 for a three-year policy. The price for your policy will depend upon how much your bike costs and how long you would like your policy for.


Do I have to have a motorbike gap cover?


No, you have no legal requirement to buy a gap insurance policy. Of course, we are a gap insurance provider, so while we think it is a good idea, the choice is yours.


Is it worth getting gap insurance for a motorbike if I pay cash?


We think so? Your claim would still be calculated precisely the same. The only difference is that as there is no finance to settle, it simply means that the money goes straight to you.


For more information, please get in touch with us or click for a quote to see how cost-effective Motorbike and scooter Gap Insurance can be.